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How to join NEMSA
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NEMSA is run by and for its membership.  Each one of our members has a different EMS story, a unique set of talents and a personal history.  All of these attributes together is what makes NEMSA a strong union. 

Member Focused... Member Powered... Member Centered

Understanding FMLA and Military Leave of Absence

FMLA and Military Leave are two of the most commonly confusing aspects of employment for employees nationwide.  Please refer to your employer's Human Resources Department for specific questions.  The information below is a general overview of FMLA and Military Leave only and may answer some questions, however your employer's Human Resources Department should have additional information.

FMLA            Military Leave of Absence 


NEMSA Withdrawal Card System Eliminates Dues Accrual During Approved Leave of Absences From Employment 

A Withdrawal Card is simply an agreement made between a member and NEMSA that during an approved leave of absence, union dues will not accrue during that absence.  NEMSA dues are calculated monthly, in certain employer payroll systems they are re-adjusted for a 26 pay period cycle.  Due to the increasing automation of employer payroll systems, members sometimes find themselves coming back from leave and having large amounts of dues withdrawn from their paycheck.  The Withdrawal Card when approved will stop that accrual from happening.  Union dues are the responsibility of every member.  A person who does not work during a given pay period or month still owes dues for that period.  A properly approved Withdrawal Card can temporarily halt the dues requirement for members on approved leaves.

Information about the NEMSA Withdrawal Card including an application can be downloaded in the column to the right, near the top of this page.


NEMSA Collective Bargaining Agreements: 

View and Download Here!

 It is the goal of NEMSA to provide a personal copy of your contract for EVERY person NEMSA represents!

Contracts are posted online to provide EVERY NEMSA Member a personal copy of the contract for their Bargaining Unit.


NEMSA Oak Valley CBA
NEMSA Waterbury / Farmington Valley CBA
NEMSA Alameda County CBA
NEMSA Sacramento County CBA
NEMSA Priority One Modesto/Stockton CBA - Pending
NEMSA Riverside CBA


NEMSA Pro Transport-1 San Francisco CBA

NEMSA Priority One Southern California CBA
NEMSA Rural/Metro San Diego CBA
NEMSA New Haven CBA - Pending
NEMSA Springfield MA Communications CBA
NEMSA Yakima WA CBA - Pending

NEMSA Las Cruces NM CBA - Pending 



The files below are commonly requested for downloading. The NEMSA Board of Directors Announcement on the Withdrawal Card along with the Card itself are found below.

Also available is other information for NEMSA members.
NEMSA BOD Withdrawal Card Announcement.pdf
NEMSA Withdrawal Card v2.pdf
NEMSA No Available Work Credit Applicationv2.pdf
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