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EMS Pros Face Challenges In 2016
EMS Professionals will face challenges i...
NEMSA Members Respond To Horrific Tragedy
 On that heartbreaking morning of D...

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How to join NEMSA
How to join NEMSA
Press and Media Information

NEMSA is happy to provide information to Press and Media Outlets interested in activities or issues found in NEMSA Bargaining Units around the USA.  For specific information or interview requests please email or call 866-544-7398.


2-2010 Press Release Innovative Grievance Software.pdf

2-21-12 Press Release AMR IFT Layoffs.pdf

6-1-11 NEMSA Press Release Southern Berks.pdf

6-10-11 NEMSA Press Release Questcare KY.pdf

12_23_2008_Press_Release_Greater_Hartford_Blanket _Donation.pdf

10_31_2008_Press Release_Hartford_CT_Employer_Explains_Surveillence_Device.pdf

1-30-10 Press Release San Mateo CA Informational Picketing.pdf

1-31-10 Press Release San Mateo Picketing Postponed.pdf

10-7-09 Press Release Newton MA Ambulance Service .pdf


05-31-2009 Riverside AMR Lawsuit Press Release.pdf

NEMSA Is A Part Of Your Local Communities! Our Members Not Only Provide Ambulance Transportation of The Sick And Injured But Also Participate In Community Events, Sponsor Youth And Adult Sports Teams, and Participate In Local Charities and Fundraising! NEMSA Members Are Your Neighbors and Friends!
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