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EMS Pros Face Challenges In 2016
EMS Professionals will face challenges i...
NEMSA Members Respond To Horrific Tragedy
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How to join NEMSA
How to join NEMSA
NEMSA was created to better the lives of EMS Professionals

Public perception is that Private EMS workers are Firemen’s “Helpers” and that pay/benefits are similar to public employees.  The public doesn’t understand that the growing corporate industry of private EMS providers is becoming the new public EMS system, and that pay/benefits remain low in comparison to public employees.  There seems to be almost no public understanding that private EMS professionals work for employers who are not supported by tax bases but are instead for-profit entities.

Is the media and public perception of EMS still linked to the un-disciplined "ambulance drivers" of the past?  We at NEMSA know our dedicated EMS brothers and sisters of today are highly skilled and dedicated care givers.  Private EMS is quickly becoming the “new” public safety entity.  We understand the important life saving and protection roles private EMS providers play within this “new” EMS system.

NEMSA exists to represent private and third service EMS Professionals to their employers and the general public.  NEMSA works to better the lives of its members and elevate the professions associated with EMS in the public eye.  We do this through aggressive and fair labor representation, contract negotiation and enforcement, and through aggressive community awareness and activities.  

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