Why Having A Background In Investment And Being An Entrepreneur Helps With Better Business Decision Making

Business Decision Making

An investor is a type of individual that is into investing into various things in exchange for financial gains. Investments can be in many forms like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate, futures, bonds, mutual funds, silver, foreign exchange, stocks, and retirement plans. Investment is like a security for the future and it will come in handy during retirement and investors knows that all too well. Being an investor doesn’t necessarily require an investor to really know an industry just like what you see in Shark Tank but it does help in order to have a sound decision on whether or not it’s better to invest in a particular industry.

An entrepreneur, unlike an investor, is all about business and operations for them. Entrepreneurs are all about the vision and the work. They create companies where investors can invest on. You can even say that they created that opportunity and they are the ones that are always hands-on in the business because of the fact their business is their brainchild. But being an investor and an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be different, sometimes you can actually mix the two.

business and operations

It will help you have more sound decisions: Being an investor and entrepreneur are entirely different things but having both skills in one person can actually help an investor and an entrepreneur make sound decisions because they have a mindset and a perspective of both that they can find a balance in it.  They will know what they want, what they need and what needs to be done in order for the business to succeed whether one is an investor or an entrepreneur in that company.

It will help you get the general idea of what it takes to run a business: With an investor and an entrepreneur having different functions, if they are working together there will be times where the conflict of interest will show itself. And this is perfectly understandable because both have various reasons why they are there and how they function. Most of the time conflict ensues due to lack of understanding.

You will have a deeper appreciation for the work and not just the income side of it: Knowing how both works because you practice both can help you have a deeper appreciation on both roles. The fact is both have one thing in common and that is to make businesses afloat and successful but their functions are different. Having both bits of knowledge in one can help a person have a better appreciation in either function and can allow a person to loosen up and go for a peaceful existence (agree to disagree type of relationship). Knowing either role means knowing where both roles excel thus develop a better judgment on how to deal with either role.

An investor and an entrepreneur are two different roles and functions and each of those can conflict with each role sometimes. This is the reason why its best to have a background in both. If you would manifest both of those qualities in one, you might be referring to Adam Jiwan, the entrepreneur-investor that is a CEO at spring labs. If you wish to know more about him, visit

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