Home Servicing: An effective one


Servicing is very important for a vehicle to function smoothly and efficiently. But all servicing do not require to be done in the service center. Some of the servicing can be done in the home itself. Home Servicing basically includes cleaning of some minor parts of the vehicle which can be easily done by a single person.

Services to provide

We can take care of a few things by ourselves. Here is a list of the things we can check ourselves and recognize any faults if present.

  1. Air Filter: The air filter can easily be changed by yourself. All you need to do is to pay some attention as to how the filter fits in. The air filter of your car needs to be changed after every 12 months. Changing the filter only takes about 10 minutes.
  2. Windshield Wipers: Windshield Wipers are another part of the car which you can service by yourself. There are some basic rules which you need to follow in order to clean or replace the wiper. Windshield wipers are usually required to be changed after six months or so.
  3. Spark Plug: check the spark plug if it requires a change. It isn’t a tough task. The only difficulty is that the spark plugs need to be fitted in the correct order. An instruction manual is usually provided along with the new spark plugs. The manual can help you out incorrectly replacing the spark plugs.
  4. Oil Filters: The oil filter can be easily changed by yourself. There are certain rules that you need to follow. It is not a very difficult job although it may take some time. Changing the oil filter will take you about 1 hour or so if no problem arises. There is always an option of taking your car to the service center, but why waste your money when you change the oil filter by yourself.

Better: Home Servicing or Service Centre?

Home Service certainly has some benefits like saving time and money. But visiting a service center has its advantages too. Service Centre usually provides some sort of warranty. If any problems arise after the servicing by the service center, more often than not, they do not ask for extra money and solves the problem for free.

As the people working in the service center are professionals, therefore, the service offered by them is always going to be better than servicing yourself. In short, spending some money on the servicing of your car is only going to be beneficial in the long run.


Taking your car to the service center for maintenance is good for the car. But there are many minor things which you can do yourself and save yourself some money. If you have a used cars in Westfield then these works are not very hard and you can easily perform it by yourself.

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