Social Media



When social media giant Facebook bought Instagram a few years ago in a blockbuster one-billion-dollar deal, from then on both social media platforms have worked hand-in-hand to make each other better and synchronized for further integration. Because of this, Instagram pictures can be linked and shared to someone’s Facebook profile in just as simple as a tap with the phone and both can gather likes separately creating different exposures in two different social media platforms.

Because of it, a lot of people are getting more hooked up to both Facebook and Instagram because of its synchronicity and it’s like option or button became very popular among its users. If you’re an avid Facebook or Instagram user, for sure you will do anything to gain or earn likes especially companies or businesses that try to promote their product or service to the public through social media.

Some people even resort to buying instagram likes just to gain enough likes to keep their post or their page visible in the local newsfeed and this also goes the same way as what the likes meant for Facebook. For obvious reasons, people hit the like button on both Instagram and Facebook due to the fact that they appreciate someone’s post.

You might be thinking right now, why are the “likes” is so important in both social media platforms? The answer is that most people who consider it important are to gain popularity, to gain attention and to gain followers that’s why a lot of people are doing their best to post the best pictures they have regularly so that people will drop their likes. For business minded people, gathering likes is one of their marketing strategy to promote their service or product and their posts are different from regular Instagram users because they focus more on engagement and entertainment to their current followers and also to attract more people to follow their page.

What makes it sad though is that people tend to forget that the virtual world of these social media platforms has the absence of touch and feel making it more satisfying compared to real life pleasures but a lot of people feels the necessity of having likes in their post.

It is because the person who wants to gain likes and followers in their social media account are psychologically getting more appraisals rather than getting likes from real people in real life that is why a lot of people are also making a big deal out of getting likes in these social media platforms. Some even resort to be daring and explicit just to gain more than a hundred likes in their social media accounts especially those who are not celebrities.

However, people still has a lot of sense on their mind considering that most of their likes are given to posts that have meaning in it or has a meaningful message to it especially if the picture speaks for a thousand words then no doubt it will gather more than a thousand likes in a short span of time.

On the side of the business, the more likes, the more the page attracts more traffic; meaning it is being promoted in the public newsfeed of Instagram and Facebook. The mechanism of these two social media platforms when it comes to likes is that every time a person hits the like button, it instantly puts the post back to the top of the newsfeed giving it more exposure and visibility to everyone.

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