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When boredom is imminent, where do you go?

When boredom is imminent, where do you go

Free watching series is a God send (even if this is created by people) for the reason alone that it saves a lot of people from boredom, from meetings that they don’t want to be apart with, from parties that they weren’t even invited in the first place but because of circumstances they do, from birthday parties that they don’t even why they got dragged In it.

It kills the “boring” and makes a person happy and occupied for a short period of time. Makes people entertained minus the cost.

Series in general: If you’re too hooked on a series you invest not just the time but emotions over it.

Web based: Since its web based this can be accessed in various devices. They offer flexibility with the help of the internet, with this people can easily access the site no matter when and where. The only downside of this is if you don’t have any existing internet connection of if it’s slow then that would give you a hard time streaming.

צפייה חינמית סדרה

Downloading: the solution for this is download since the site offers free download you can use this to your advantage especially if you are going to places where the internet is slow or nothing at all. You can download ahead to be sure that when you go you already have the series that you need to last you the whole day or even the whole trip. If the internet is slow and you weren’t able to download earlier you can always let it download overnight so that by the next day you got all you need.

Straight forward:  No hidden charges, no bells, and whistles, just a straight forward website that offers an unadulterated and wide variety of צפייה חינמית סדרה to choose from that can potentially be responsible to popcorn and pizza shortage globally.

Globally accessible: Since it’s web based, the website doesn’t just limit this to your country of origin, but whenever you are in international trips for vacation and even for business. This gives it more reach and flexibility. This is what the internet offers people, not just social media, work efficiency, games, and communication. It allows a place to make things happen and connect businesses, customers, and people to people.

Online free streaming is now not a new concept because there had been so many websites that were created before it that had been closed, currently online and are still being made. It might not be new, viral or revolutionary but there is no denying that it works. The best ones are good for endless entertainment that helps kill the time and boredom. What makes this a good formula for success is the reason that it’s free and pretty much accessible to all. No monthly fees and very mobile. So many people have already seen the benefits of these sites.

What you need to know is that these sites need your support in order to continue what they do. Give them the support by watching their existing and new updates and also refer it to friends and families that are not aware that this site existed.


Polygraph Tests and Employment

Polygraph Tests and Employment

While there are many employers who are conducting polygraph tests while hiring or even in the phase of employment, it is actually not allowed. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPAA) prevents employers from taking these kinds of tests for any reason. Even in case of using this test, there are many things to consider and the employer cannot take an action or discriminate the employee from the rest in any way. The employers also cannot inquire about the results and cannot discriminate the person based on the results. This being said, EPAA allows some private firms to conduct polygraph test in case of any theft or accidents or injuries or any sort of economic loss where investigation is required.

Who can use Polygraph tests?

The EPAA does not allow any government or federal or state governments including the Police to take the polygraph test.

Private firms that can take up polygraph test include companies that provide security services or those who design security services etc. Basically those who are involved in safety and health conditions in any state or form.

Pharmaceuticals and manufacturers of controlled substances can also take up the polygraph test.

lie detector tests

Polygraph for Employment

While using polygraph test, the employer does not have the rights to inquire about the results of the test. They also cannot discriminate the person from other candidates based on the test results. Subject to some restrictions, when polygraph tests are conducted in case of theft or injury or any economic loss to the employer.

Even in that case, the employee still has the right to employment. The employer cannot force the employee to take the test if he is not willing to take it up. In this case, you just note the suspicion created by the employee.

The information received from this test can only be taken as a basis or support for any investigation and hence, the employee cannot be dismissed.

While conducting this test, the employee can be questioned more than once as the success of the test is based on how the questions are composed and formed. While conducting test, the noise, language and distraction also play a role.

If the employee agrees, a polygraph test can be conducted for a pre-employment case. It is a routine also to consider this as a pre-employment requirement to detect if the person is suitable for the position. While using this for pre-employment, the employer is avoiding a negative hiring also. This is quite helpful in knowing the intentions of the person before hiring.

Once the test is conducted, the employer and polygraph examiner must retain the records for a period of 3 years from the date of the test. In case of this test being conducted to check on employer’s economic loss or injury, a copy of the statement that sets the incident which lead to this test must also be retained.


Polygraph Test Reduced to Numbers

Polygraph Test Reduced to Numbers

The search for truth is the driving force that causes every scientific endeavor to progress. This establishes the connection between truth and science. But telling the truth may deviate from what is scientifically acceptable. It is because in some cases, truth is relative. Its veracity depends on certain factors such as integrity and motivation. That is why, it is very important that there should be a truth detector. But science has provided us with one —- the lie detector test.

The lie detector test is the only scientific approach in determining a deceptive statement. It is the only resort to investigators, after all effort failed to establish connection gaps in information, hoping to force something straight from the horse’s mouth. But how reliable is the lie detector test? How effective and accepted is it? Let the numbers show.

lie detector test


Reliability has something to do with consistency. The reliability of the polygraph test points to how consistent or accurate it is in determining deception based on the psychophysiological changes recorded by the instrument itself. The reliability of the polygraph test is a few percent short of 100% reliability. The reliability index is from 0.95 to 0.98, which translates to 95% to 98% accuracy. The index may be high but when talking about the truth, anything that is less than 100% true is a lie. However, the accuracy index should not be interpreted that way. This index might have been taken from collective and generalized findings.

But courts would not risk their decisions and allow admission of a polygraph test as an evidence with this percentage of accuracy polygraph can offer. The courts demand that everything presented to them is 100% true — nothing less than it.

Extent of Use

The effectivity of polygraph test as an esteemed instrument for whatever purpose is determined by its continued use. We need research data here. The APA Research Center at the Michigan State University conducted a survey involving 699 police executives from all over the United States to determine the extent of and conditions in which polygraph testing is being used. Results showed that 62% of these executives had active polygraph screening program in their respective police agencies, 31% did not have active polygraph testing program, and 7% ceased to operate with the program. These figures translate to the respondents’ confidence in using polygraph testing the whatever end they thought it was necessary.

Inconclusive Component

Gavin Wilson, an Australian police officer who had his polygraph testing training in the US, believe that the polygraph test is still relevant and useful for the Australian police. As a polygraph examiner, he said that the polygraph is 96 per cent accurate. However, he also disclosed that 3% of the composition of the polygraph test is inconclusive. The 3% inconclusive component pertain to those questions that do not contribute to the findings or results of the test and are influenced by extraneous variables such as the age of the subjects. However, he failed to identify these components of polygraph test.


Free college tuition to residents of New York

Free college tuition to residents of New York

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has approved the 2018 State Budget and ensured that New York became the first state in the nation to offer free college tuition to its residents.  This budget was unanimously passed by the respective Senate and invests $163 million in the Excelsior Scholarship program to make both middle class and low income students in the nation attends 2 and 4 years SUNY and CUNY colleges. Cuomo said that he hopes every other state in the nation will adopt this kind of programs and support residents get free education.    

Residents in New York get satisfied with the most recent efforts of the State Government to make college at the best in class universities tuition fee. The state has successfully established the national model for accessing the higher education and also achieved another to make New York first.  Even though education funding leads to different legal challenges all through the nation, The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that Governor of the State Matt Bevin did not have the right to unilaterally cut the financial plan for State Universities in September.

college tuition

The Supreme Court of Washington ordered the State to pay $100, 00 for every day as a fine that it failed to comply with an existing court ruling mandating necessary funding of public schools in the State in 2015.  The US Senate passed a bill in Auguest 2015 to revamp the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act. The District of Columbia has the US District court. This court ruled in favour of strict regulations specified at the for-profit college industry in July 2015.

The court ruled that the education department in the nation has the right for demanding that schools show that all graduates are financially dependent enough for repaying their student loans. A judge for the Travis County Civil Court in Texas ruled in August 2014 that the legislature of Texas has failed to meet its constitutional duty for providing Texas public schools due to the structured, funded and operated finance system of the school. Thus, it cannot give a reasonable education on a regular basis for all Texas school children. Every student in the educational institution has to use all facilities on time and learn without worry about required financial assistance all through the program. The most recent bill passed by the New York State will support residents get a wide range of benefits from the free college tuition.


MP HC declined to issue for hoisting a national flag all the days on the public buildings

MP HC declined to issue for hoisting a national flag all the days on the public buildings

A division bench compromising a qualified Chief Justice Hemant Gupta and an experienced Justice Sujoy Paul in The Madhya Pradesh High Court has refused to issue necessary directions for hoisting of a tricolour national flag on public buildings mandatorily on all the days.  This division bench also ensured that there is no necessary in the Flag Code regarding hoisting of the national flag all the days on the public buildings specified in the Clause 3.39 of the Section VII of the Flag Code of India, 2002 Act.

The Madhya Pradesh High Court disposed of a PIL that seeks essential directions for compulsory hoisting of the national flag on every important public building including, but not limited to the offices of the district boards, high courts, secretariats, commissioner’s, municipalities, zila parishads and public sector undertakings.  The petitioner of this case took the ground of provisions in the clause 3.3 of section II as well as clause 3.39 of the Section VII of the flag code of India, 2002 with an aim to press his relief.  On the other hand, the court said that the provision in the clause 3.3 of section II is mandated about a list of conditions in which the national flag can be hoisted.

national flag

The clause 3.39 starts with the word normally. The court elucidates the word normally means that it is directory, but not to be used in a mandatory form. There is no necessary that public buildings have to hoist the national flag. Thus, there cannot be any direction for respondents to hoist the national flag on any public building as specified in the clause 3.39 of Section VII of the flag code of India 2002.

The central government of India issued some guidelines about the flag code. The government has the force of the law for only purpose of violation of such guidelines instead of mandating that the national flag has to be hoisted on all public buildings all the days. The current bench in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh ensured and said that we do not find any kind of direction has to be issued for mandatorily hoisting a national flag on every public building day after day. Every resident in the nation has to understand and keep in mind about how our ancestors got freedom from the British ruled Indian government. They have to respect the national symbols such as the national flag.


Pack the Necessary Accessories for an Exciting Trip

Pack the Necessary Accessories for an Exciting Trip

Everyone loves to head out of their busy schedule and spend some time with their family and friends. Traveling with your favorite people is said to be the best formula to stay away from every day’s distractions. It’s the best way to connect with new people and learn their culture, which enriches your global knowledge.

Few traveling makes it as treasured memories because the unpredictable places and journey to the highest points can turn into unforgettable moments. It’s good to experiment while traveling, but make sure you carry the necessary travel accessories to add excitement and fun to your trip. Pack the stuff that makes your journey well-being and comfort.

1.         Home monitoring system

A burglar finds endless possible ways to sneak into an empty house so take the essential steps to monitor your home.  When you’re away don’t forget to install the app on your device, which is important to keep an eye on your home.

2.         Carry water bottle with you

Before heading out to the destination, make sure you boil the water and fill in the flexible water bottles and consume the food stuff that are provided served hot. It’s highly recommended to carry filtered water wherever you go, because it’s easy to get infected for the waterborne diseases.

Exciting Trip

3.         Cosmetic to prevent sun burns

Check the rule book of that particular country because few countries have restrictions on certain products. The travel cosmetic could include essential oils which are a great help to boost your mood, deodorants, toning sprays, moisturizers, and much more.

4.         Wireless headphones

You could easily get rid of those loose wires by switching to the wireless headphones. Make sure you have the noise cancellation headphones which can provide 12 hours of music. A complete relaxation while traveling with the music is a great combination.

5.         Portable charger

Carry a universal port supported charger during your trip that has multiple electronic USBs in one compact device. Make sure the charger is weightless and works on 110 V and 220 V.

6.         Duffels

Carry duffel that has the detachable pockets and can be used like a cross-body bag. This consolidates to cart your wallet, necessary hygienic materials, water bottle, hair accessories, and much more.

7.         Footwear

Make sure you carry extra pair of footwear or the particular walking shoes that are prescribed by your doctor. Wear fitness shoes that provide great comfort during your traveling. These shoes also support the alignment and relieve the heeling pain by decreasing the overpronation.

8.         Packable boots

Try to replace the black old boots with fashionable ones that has various energetic colors and different patterns. These boots can fit into your small bag and doesn’t occupy much space in your travel suitcase. Make sure you pick the puddletons that are 100% waterproof and comfortable to your leg.

9.         Travel backpacks

When you have involved capturing the most amazing shot and in case your camera is running out of battery, you can rely on the backbone that you have packed.  Make sure you carry a small backpack in which you can dump your gadgets, camera accessories, and a portable charger.

10.   Extra pair is perfect

Don’t forget to add an extra layer to your suitcases, such as undergarments and warm clothes. That’s because you have to adjust to the changing temperature.

Self-defense is essential when you’re away from your homeland, but don’t carry the materials that have sharp edges and other hazardous things. Have a safe and happy traveling and make sure you have an eye on your home and pets through a secured home security system.


Better Teeth, Better Health!

Better Teeth

Did you know that oral health is equally important for your overall health? Yes, your dental and mouth problems might affect your overall body. Protecting your oral health is highly essential, which can prevent various diseases. The natural defense starts from good oral care that can reduce the bacterial activity, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Saliva helps to clean the food and neutralizers that can increase the bacterial growth inside your mouth. They protect you from the microbial invasion that could result in health complications. Certain medications, like antidepressants, painkillers can decrease the saliva flow; have a word with your doctors when medicines are prescribed.

Better Teeth

Take necessary steps to protect your overall health

Make sure when you smile, no one around you complains about your dental care, such as foul smell and decayed teeth. Use the right techniques, like brushing and flossing to score good marks on your health report card.

Brush your teeth for overall health

The initial dental care begins with clean and hygienic teeth and gums. Make sure you keep the gums and tooth surface clean, which can prevent you from gum diseases and cavities.

  • Don’t rush while brushing your teeth, take a time to clean your tooth surface and don’t over brush.
  • Make use of fluoride toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush that are comfortable to your mouth. If you’re using an electric toothbrush then it can decrease plaque and gingivitis than the normal brushing.
  • Use proper techniques to hold your toothbrush and aim the bristles toward the area where tooth and gum meets.
  • Brush your teeth with back-and-forth motions gently twice a day. Remember, brush outside, inside, and chewing surface of the teeth, and also your tongue.
  • Make sure you rinse the toothbrush with tap water or clean water after you brush. Keep your toothbrush in air dry place until you use it next time.
  • If you’re using a manual toothbrush then make sure you replace them once in 6 months or sooner when you feel bristles are frayed. In case if you’re using an electric or battery-operated toothbrush then replace them in every 4 or 5 months.
  • Floss for your oral health
  • It could be tough to reach the tight spaces between the teeth and gumline using your toothbrush and this can be achieved when you floss every day.
  • Make sure you take extra care when you floss. Remove the floss when it reaches the gumline and be gentle because it might hurt your gums as they are sensitive.
  • Keep sliding the floss in between your gum and tooth space and rub the tooth side in up down motion to remove the fresh floss.
  • If you’re finding difficulties to floss then make use of an interdental cleaner, like a tiny brush, pre-threaded flosser, and dental pick that can reach between your teeth.
  • Other than flossing and brushing twice a day, make use of mouthwash that contains fluoride to keep your oral health in optimum level.
  • If you have dental problems then it’s suggested not to use the toothpicks or other things that can damage your gums or result in bacteria accumulation.
  • When to consult your dentist?

If you experience any symptoms such as bleeding gums, loose of permanent teeth, swollen gums, unusual sensitivity to cold or hot foods, make sure you get some medical advice. Follow a regular dental check to avoid oral diseases and make sure you receive the proper dental care to keep your overall health in good condition.

Remember, early detection of oral health can safeguard your overall health.


Jump Perfectly Into a Jumpsuit

 “Fashion passes, but style remains the same.”

The style of a jumpsuit, after the 1970s, has made a huge comeback, and its popularity is growing more and more day by day. It’s something that will work for you the best, no matter whether you’re tall or short, curvy or petite, and will always stay in trend!

Here are some guidelines for you, which will give the best styling tips on how to jump into the jumpsuit. Scroll down and read on!

Look at the material

While buying a jumpsuit, or any other style, make it the first rule of shopping to look at the material it’s made of. There are a number of fabrics like polyester, silk-jersey, and other that are best to carry. Such fabrics are comfortable to wear and give a tremendous look to the outfit. Try avoiding the materials like linen, nylon, because they are highly uncomfortable to wear in hot summers. Also, these fabrics get crushed easily and sweat stains are shown up on them.


Size should be perfect

When you’re going to buying, make sure you pick the one with perfect size. If you found that it’s too short in size, it’ll look unflattering. It’s good to try the jumpsuit before buying it and also check if the crotch is either too tight or low. It’s important that the jumpsuit should fall like draped everywhere, and always be snug around your assets. You’ll look gorgeous wearing jumpsuit if it fits you perfect.
Pick the one that works for your body type

When it comes to buying an outfit, it’s important to choose the one that works perfectly with your body type. If you’re having an apple-shaped body, a jumpsuit shorter in length will go perfectly on you. Also, you can opt for pants with cuffs. You can also try the jumpsuit having a dark colored top and light colored bottom.

If you’re having a pear-shaped body, choose the styles that will highlight your torso and you can also go add some detailing to it with the plunging necklines.

If you’re a girl with an hour-glass shaped body, choose styles that will let you flaunt your curves. You can go for the jumpsuits that will tightly grip your waist and make you look adorable.

Choose the loose, long, pant-style jumpsuits if you’ve petite frame; since you’ll look taller wearing such pieces. Being petite, to give the illusion of height, you can also add a belt or a chain link slightly lower than your waist. If you’re going to buy a relaxed black jumpsuit, pair it up with high heels, a blazer and a vest. This will make you look classy and elegant.

Buy it keeping the occasion in mind

Jumpsuits come with so many variations and it’s important to keep in mind the occasion for which you’re going to buy. If you’re buying for a formal event, opt for a short sleeved jumpsuit that has pants of straight cuts and is fully lined. While, if you’re going to wear it casually, go for something having wide legs, printed half. You’ll look graceful if you’ll wear it according to the occasion.

Have fun and be comfortable while jumping perfectly into a jumpsuit. If you’re not comfortable, but want to wear them, it’ll look drab on you.

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