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Free college tuition to residents of New York

Free college tuition to residents of New York

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has approved the 2018 State Budget and ensured that New York became the first state in the nation to offer free college tuition to its residents.  This budget was unanimously passed by the respective Senate and invests $163 million in the Excelsior Scholarship program to make both middle class and low income students in the nation attends 2 and 4 years SUNY and CUNY colleges. Cuomo said that he hopes every other state in the nation will adopt this kind of programs and support residents get free education.    

Residents in New York get satisfied with the most recent efforts of the State Government to make college at the best in class universities tuition fee. The state has successfully established the national model for accessing the higher education and also achieved another to make New York first.  Even though education funding leads to different legal challenges all through the nation, The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that Governor of the State Matt Bevin did not have the right to unilaterally cut the financial plan for State Universities in September.

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The Supreme Court of Washington ordered the State to pay $100, 00 for every day as a fine that it failed to comply with an existing court ruling mandating necessary funding of public schools in the State in 2015.  The US Senate passed a bill in Auguest 2015 to revamp the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act. The District of Columbia has the US District court. This court ruled in favour of strict regulations specified at the for-profit college industry in July 2015.

The court ruled that the education department in the nation has the right for demanding that schools show that all graduates are financially dependent enough for repaying their student loans. A judge for the Travis County Civil Court in Texas ruled in August 2014 that the legislature of Texas has failed to meet its constitutional duty for providing Texas public schools due to the structured, funded and operated finance system of the school. Thus, it cannot give a reasonable education on a regular basis for all Texas school children. Every student in the educational institution has to use all facilities on time and learn without worry about required financial assistance all through the program. The most recent bill passed by the New York State will support residents get a wide range of benefits from the free college tuition.

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