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The ways to get investors for your startup

get investors for your startup

Raising the funds of the startup isn’t the most difficult part. It is to the contrary belief in getting investing is the toughest part. If you once start to talk to one investor you will have an open road to talk to many investors.

However, there would be one investor who has the same platform as you to invest their money. Many investors like Alan Jiwan looks into a promising startup to fund their business. Here are some ways to find investors for your business.


Over the years the crowdfunding platform has been popular in the recent years. Most of the crowdfunding platform focus on a targeted industry like science, business etc. In this, a startup receives a loan, contribution, and investments from a number of investors. To get investment from a crowdfunding is that you have to do the following steps.

Angel investment

  • A detailed description having of the business that would include the goals, marketing strategy, and ways of making business will be put up on the crowded
  • The details are read by the investors and if they are convinced of the business they may pre-buy the products you supply or some even give a donation.

Angel investment

There are investment individuals like Alan Jiwan, who want to make use of their money by investing in a startup company. Some also work forming a group that helps them to screen the best startup proposal out of the lot. These investors are the basic level of investors that take up high risk by taking a high equity of the business. However, the drawback of this is that since the startup has a potential to fail the market as well so they don’t invest huge lump of money into the projects.

Venture capitalist

The venture capitalists are the one that is keen to invest high lump of money. However, they severely scan in the potential of the business plan before processing. These investors don’t usually invest in the startup companies that are in the initial stage. They normally invest in the companies that are on the run to generate revenues.


This is the top and basic funding that all the startup aiming to target for the investment.

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